You think you know, but you have no idea….

Many were introduced to “Meeka Claxton” in May 2011 as the newest cast member of a show called Basketball WIves but it’s crazy to think that after almost 6 months, you still really don’t know me.  I get asked almost daily why I decided to go on the show and my answer is still the same to this day, “To give the viewers a REAL look inside the life of an actual Basketball Wife. Not an ex-wife, ex-fiancee, ex-girlfriend or baby’s mother”. I mean this is a “Reality” show isn’t it?  To think after all these months, viewers still don’t know much more about me than my name is sad.

So who exactly is Meeka?

A lot of people didn’t even know I have kids!! I am the proud mommy of 2 amazing little rockstars…yes, rockstars (atleast that’s what they tell me). Aniya is 8 and she’s an actress and model here in NYC and my baby is London, she just turned 3 and is a handful. Being a mommy and WIFE to my hubby, Speedy, definitely tops the list of my priorities.  I love being with them, it’s like we’re our own little crew lol.

Right behind being a family woman is being an entrepreneur. Business is second nature to me.  Since I was a kid, I liked lots of “nice” things so I learned very early that “nice” things don’t come easy and I have to work hard for them. Today I am founding partner of Allure Realty Group, a Global Relocation Service headquartered in Atlanta and I am CEO of Privileged Girls, the first and ONLY luxe lifestyle brand dedicated exclusively to girls 2-10 years old. Privileged Girls launches Holiday 2011 with accessories and our first collection will Launch during February Fashion Week 2012.

Life is crazy (in a good way) right now but I couldn’t lose sight of my main mission, so I started Million Dollar Girlz INC. We are a group of young female entrepreneurs whose mission is to motivate young girls and women to become successful and financially independent career women.

Since this is my blog and not my book, I’ll close out now but one thing you’ll learn about me whether through this blog, my website, Facebook or Twitter is that my hustle didn’t start in May 2011 and it definitely won’t stop now. With a few new projects up my Chanel clad sleeves, you haven’t heard the last of me 😉

Smooches Xoxo

3 thoughts on “You think you know, but you have no idea….

  1. Love it!! I loooved you on BB wives.. I was like yes!! a chocolate sister on tv doin it for herself!!! Not living off her man but got her own! #YouGoGirl

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