Kiddie Couture coming soon!

So, with my stint on that show behind me, everyone wants to know what’s next for me and I’ve been good at keeping my latest project under wraps.  I’m very secretive when it comes to something that I’m truly passionate about and with so many grimy people waiting in the wings to steal ideas or bring you down, can you blame me?!?!

Since giving birth to my 1st daughter 8 years ago, I realized my true calling was kid’s fashion. Not just any kid’s fashions, little girl’s trend-setting clothing & accessories to be exact.

It took a few years but Privileged Girls is finally here! Launching this Holiday season, Privileged Girls is the 1st of it’s kind and as the mommy of 2 very fashionable little girls I am very excited to finally offer what we have always been looking for, cute fashions with an edge. The only luxe lifestyle brand dedicated exclusively to little girls 2-10 years of age, Privileged Girls Clothing already has fans in the fashion world anticipating its arrival.

No bows or butterflies here…Privileged Girls has already been nicknamed Kiddie Couture! I can’t wait..stay tuned 😉



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