Meeka’s Date Night Pick Of The Week is…Morimoto NYC

One of my favorite things about the “Lifestyle” are the private invitations to indulge in the city’s hottest spots. But what I love more is experiencing these places with my hubby. Me and Speedy do “Date Night” weekly. I know it sounds simple but I’ve found that it’s actually one of the keys to maintaining a sexy relationship. There’s nothing more sensual than throwing on that dress that hugs your curves in just the right places and simply dating again. Imagine feeding each other and enjoying amazing cocktails in a sexy space.


This week’s pick is Morimoto NYC and it’s one of our newest (and Speedy’s favorite) date night spots. Morimoto NYC has been featured in magazines such as Food & Wine, Travel & Leisure, Conde Nast and Bon Appetit and is the brainchild of world-renowned Iron Chef, Chef Morimoto. Our picks are the sushi (any roll is a good choice if you are a sushi lover!!) paired with the Hydrangea Martini and The New York Strip Wagyu Beef. The Wagyu steaks are expensive but they literally melt in your mouth…a must try!


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