Ask Meeka & Speedy…

I can’t tell you how many people tweet me asking me for love advice. Yes, I have a great relationship and great relationships take a whollllllllllllleeeeeeeeee lot of work! So, I decided  why not team up with my best friend and answer some of the questions I get from both his AND her perspectives.

Dear Meeka and Speedy,

I’ve been dating “Shawn” for almost 5 months and I’ve never met anybody in his family.  He lives with his mom and sister but we only go to his house when no one is home.  I know all of his friends and they all say that his family is very overprotective of him and they don’t like any girl.  I don’t want to be a nag but I think his mom and sister would love me.  Am I being paranoid?

Meeka: It’s still early in your relationship.  Guys care a lot about how the women in their lives perceive them and he may just be taking time to make sure that what you two have is serious before introducing you.  If he introduced his family to a different girl every 2 months, they’d probably stop wanting to meet his latest conquest. So, give him a little more time before you start flipping out. If at six months, you still haven’t met them then it’s time to have a talk or just see other people because he’s not taking you seriously.

Speedy: I disagree. The truth of the matter is that you aren’t his main girl.  Plain & simple.  Every girl gets to meet the friends.  No offense, but there’s nothing special in that.  If at 5 months, he’s still sneaking you in and out of the house, it’s because he has a main girl and you aren’t her.

There you have it, advice Claxton style Xoxo

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2 thoughts on “Ask Meeka & Speedy…

  1. Your responses are the very definition of ‘think like a man….’ Speedy’s response is a rare look inside – ladies always pay close attention at these times. Meeka is talking about the men who are told not to bring anyone unless serious. I face grown sons and they brought girls around that they were ‘just kicking it with’ we could tell the difference but they couldn’t because they didn’t want to see it. Even if he brought you home (maybe because you asked) pay attention. If he treats you like a girlfriend in front of family then you are. Of he just

  2. I have to agree with Speedy on this one! Not the main girl! The mere fact that he hasn’t brought you around when his family is home is a red flag off top! Meeka love you girl! You showed so much class when you were on the show. I actually stopped watching BBW after you left because I felt like all the woman were fake. Tami is a bully and she finds the one person who is the most laid back to pounce on! I recall the episode where Evelyn told Tami about sleeping with her husband of course she swung on her but Evelyn stood her ground and now their buddy buddy. Jen was a part of the foolishness until reality came and slapped her “literally” in the face. Glad you thought about what was most important and that was being a role model for your kids!

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