Ask Meeka & Speedy

This week I decided to answer one of the questions that I received on twitter:

Q: I ‘ve been with my boyfriend for 2 years and he keeps asking me for a threesome.  I love him and don’t want him to think I’m boring & leave me! What should I do?

Meeka: First of all…did you say boyfriend? That’s not even something you consider for a boyfriend.  So, my answer is “NO!! Don’t even play yourself.”  And honestly, you don’t do something like that because you are scared to lose somebody.  If you are “scared” to lose someone just because you don’t feel comfortable doing something, then you’ve probably already lost them.

Speedy: Listen, do what that man says!! But do it if you only want to put a smile on his face for the night because he’s not going to stay with you just because you did it.  If he already wants to bring someone else in the bed, his eye is already roaming and he’ll be on to the next one real soon.  Sorry, but you doing this will not keep him.

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