A Day In The Life…

One of the things I wanted fans to see was an in depth behind the scenes view of how we live. What we do on a daily basis and how we really roll lol.

My days are crazy. My life began way before BBW, so adding TV personality to my resume made my life that much more crazy. I love chill days at home with Speedy and my girls but honestly, I think I appreciate them so much more because I’m so busy.

A typical day for me is full of interviews, design meetings for our girl’s clothing & accessories line, sales meetings for our real estate company and a so much more. Check me out:

Up at 6am, coffee & ARG (Allure Realty Group) conference call. Sales & Contract updates.

8am, sitting in traffic on my way to our Claxton INC Manhattan offices with Mali (our driver)…No make-up & big ass shades is what it’s like at 8am over here!

9:40 am and we finally make it to the office & I’m right on time to discuss Privileged’s Back to School event and take a look and some new design ideas.

By 11am, I am starting to run behind on time (as usual). My hair isn’t done so I throw on a hat and we head to the Garment District for fabric for our design samples. I’m very hands on with the line.

We find some cool fabric options and I check the time…it’s close to 1 and now I am really running behind schedule. Back to Claxton INC offices to meet up with my “glam squad”. William beats my face 😉


3:00pm, My assistant, Ariel, and I head to West 35th to meet Lynne…

…Over at

Then at 3:15pm Lynne and I are head here for meetings!

5:20pm it’s “Wine Time”

6pm, waiting for Mali to pull up so we can head back to Long Island. I’m missing my babies 😦

And by 7:00pm, I was home cooking a quick meal for my babies

My life is hectic but fulfilling. I take on so much because at the end of the day, it’s rewarding. Next time we’ll do a video  😉

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