Girl Code…is it played out?

There is so much that goes on in our world, it’s really easy to lose sight of what’s important.   Like all athletes and their families, me & Speedy have lived all over the country and I’ve met a lot of people but one thing about me is that i’m genuine. Not everyone is my bestie but if you’re my girl….you’re my girl! I chill at your house, you chill at mine, we shop together and even double date. I sincerely have your back because I would hope that you’d have mine. But sometimes being genuine can be my gift and my curse.

I’ve said it over and over again, there is an unspoken bond among us wives but what happens when you’re put in the middle of their drama??

I was gearing up to do an “Ask Meeka & Speedy” post when one question stuck out. “My bestfriend’s boyfriend is cheating, should I tell her?” This struck a cord with me on a personal level because I was in this position before. A few years ago I lost what I thought was a close friendship (apparantly not!) with one of the wives because I told her that her man was bringing another girl around. I remember the whole situation like it was yesterday, when she was out of town, he’d have this other chick at the games. When I first saw her I didn’t know what to think but I just ignored her. But when he had the audacity to bring her to a BBQ at my house one day, I was filled with so many different emotions all at once. I was hurt for my friend, pissed at the disrespect and angry that he put me & Speedy in the middle.

I confided in Speedy about what I was feeling and his response is still embedded in my brain…”Mind your business!” But how could I????? I considered his wife my friend and a true friend wouldn’t see this, not say anything and still smile in your face or atleast that was what I thought.

Needless to say, I told my friend and there were a lot of tears and hugs, she told her “Meeka said…blah blah”, he doesn’t like me now, she doesn’t  speak to me at all anymore and she is still with her man.  I didn’t tell her to break up her relationship. I told her as a friend, so she could know what was up. She could do what she wanted with the info but atleast I knew I was a good friend.  But damn was Speedy right (for a change)?

3 thoughts on “Girl Code…is it played out?

  1. He was wrong for bringing that mess to your home in the first place. If he didn’t want his woman to find out, either by you or someone else, he shouldn’t be flaunting her around town.

  2. Im with you sis! This world is so ratchet, if I cant depend on my girls then who?? Every one has different opinions abt whats right or wrong in their relationship. I have a friend that is still “with and married” to her man but not together(!?!). Hes beyond bold with his life style and like she tells me, “Cheating is not a deal breaker for me”. Well. Ok then. It is for me so the first time I see it as friend Ill tell you but after that Im out. Actually, Im not friends with this couple anymore because these differences. To each his own for sure but to me Loyalty is everything. My heart weeps for my old friend because although she still desperately loves he “husband”, she will always be a back burner to him. And she is 100% ok with that that. #YouLikeItILoveIt

  3. If the friedship is genuine then yes tell her because it is coming from a loving place. He doesn’t like you because he crossed the line and like most peoe blaming you for something he put upon himself. He should not have brought any other woman around given the fact the fact that your are very good friends with his wife not associates ( but I will not go there in this post) if he wanted you to mind your business then he would have never put you in the situation as a wife. He should have more respect for his relationship and his wife to do his dirt else where. Jayz said it best ” you wont catch me at places you comfy at with no biatch oh no you wont see that” there are grey areas but that is for another post. He should not be upset with you he should accept what he did and now he knows you are not going to tolerate disrespect and handle you accordingly. He was sloppy kanye shrug

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