Meeka added to WEEN’s explosive line-up for PROJECT REALism!






NEW YORK, NY – August 14, 2012 – WOMEN IN ENTERTAINMENT EMPOWERMENT NETWORK (WEEN) presents PROJECT REALism: An interactive summit to discuss reality television and its impact on young women. The event will take place on Wednesday, August 29, 2012 from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. EST at the Helen Mills Theater in New York City.

Confirmed speakers and panelists include: WEEN co-founders Valeisha Butterfield – Jones, Kristi Henderson and Sabrina Thompson, also the runner-up on CBS’ Survivor, celebrity host Amanda Seales, Emily B, Mashonda, Somaya Reece and Yandy Smith, all formerly of Vh1’s Love and Hip Hop, Adrienne Bailon of the Style Network’s Empire Girls, Andrea Kelly of Vh1’s Hollywood Exes, Meeka Claxton formerly of Vh1’s Basketball Wives, anti-domestic violence activist Sil Lai Abrams and others to be announced.

PROJECT REALism will discuss with reality stars, producers, and experts the makings of reality television programs, including casting and programming decisions. The program will also provide reality television producers and decision-makers a platform to hear directly from their fans, young women, on why they support reality television and suggestions on how to create more balance.

The program is focused on solutions. Immediately following the summit, next steps and action items will be published and announced. For tickets, please go to  For press inquiries, please contact Limited seating.


Women in Entertainment Empowerment Network (WEEN)

Founded in 2007, the Women in Entertainment Empowerment Network is a worldwide coalition of women and men, all ages and races, committed to supporting, promoting and defending the balanced, positive portrayal of women in entertainment and society.  Led by founders Valeisha Butterfield, Kristi Henderson, Lauren Lake and Sabrina Thompson, WEEN provides entertainment-based, educational programs for its members worldwide. For more information on WEEN and to become a member today, go to

Girl Code…is it played out?

There is so much that goes on in our world, it’s really easy to lose sight of what’s important.   Like all athletes and their families, me & Speedy have lived all over the country and I’ve met a lot of people but one thing about me is that i’m genuine. Not everyone is my bestie but if you’re my girl….you’re my girl! I chill at your house, you chill at mine, we shop together and even double date. I sincerely have your back because I would hope that you’d have mine. But sometimes being genuine can be my gift and my curse.

I’ve said it over and over again, there is an unspoken bond among us wives but what happens when you’re put in the middle of their drama??

I was gearing up to do an “Ask Meeka & Speedy” post when one question stuck out. “My bestfriend’s boyfriend is cheating, should I tell her?” This struck a cord with me on a personal level because I was in this position before. A few years ago I lost what I thought was a close friendship (apparantly not!) with one of the wives because I told her that her man was bringing another girl around. I remember the whole situation like it was yesterday, when she was out of town, he’d have this other chick at the games. When I first saw her I didn’t know what to think but I just ignored her. But when he had the audacity to bring her to a BBQ at my house one day, I was filled with so many different emotions all at once. I was hurt for my friend, pissed at the disrespect and angry that he put me & Speedy in the middle.

I confided in Speedy about what I was feeling and his response is still embedded in my brain…”Mind your business!” But how could I????? I considered his wife my friend and a true friend wouldn’t see this, not say anything and still smile in your face or atleast that was what I thought.

Needless to say, I told my friend and there were a lot of tears and hugs, she told her “Meeka said…blah blah”, he doesn’t like me now, she doesn’t  speak to me at all anymore and she is still with her man.  I didn’t tell her to break up her relationship. I told her as a friend, so she could know what was up. She could do what she wanted with the info but atleast I knew I was a good friend.  But damn was Speedy right (for a change)?

A Day In The Life…

One of the things I wanted fans to see was an in depth behind the scenes view of how we live. What we do on a daily basis and how we really roll lol.

My days are crazy. My life began way before BBW, so adding TV personality to my resume made my life that much more crazy. I love chill days at home with Speedy and my girls but honestly, I think I appreciate them so much more because I’m so busy.

A typical day for me is full of interviews, design meetings for our girl’s clothing & accessories line, sales meetings for our real estate company and a so much more. Check me out:

Up at 6am, coffee & ARG (Allure Realty Group) conference call. Sales & Contract updates.

8am, sitting in traffic on my way to our Claxton INC Manhattan offices with Mali (our driver)…No make-up & big ass shades is what it’s like at 8am over here!

9:40 am and we finally make it to the office & I’m right on time to discuss Privileged’s Back to School event and take a look and some new design ideas.

By 11am, I am starting to run behind on time (as usual). My hair isn’t done so I throw on a hat and we head to the Garment District for fabric for our design samples. I’m very hands on with the line.

We find some cool fabric options and I check the time…it’s close to 1 and now I am really running behind schedule. Back to Claxton INC offices to meet up with my “glam squad”. William beats my face 😉


3:00pm, My assistant, Ariel, and I head to West 35th to meet Lynne…

…Over at

Then at 3:15pm Lynne and I are head here for meetings!

5:20pm it’s “Wine Time”

6pm, waiting for Mali to pull up so we can head back to Long Island. I’m missing my babies 😦

And by 7:00pm, I was home cooking a quick meal for my babies

My life is hectic but fulfilling. I take on so much because at the end of the day, it’s rewarding. Next time we’ll do a video  😉

Awwww Princess Aniya C. is Turning 9!

Party planning for my big girl’s 9th Birthday party and I couldn’t help but reminisce about her growing up! Funny, it’s also Throwback Thursday! So, check out my baby…9 years and counting 🙂 Man time flies!!

Vacation Hot Spot…Turks and Caicos

With Summer literally around the corner, I want to share some vacation picks. I’ve been many places but hands down, one of my favorite experiences would have to be Turks and Caicos!

Grace Bay Resorts was voted #1 of the top 25 beach destinations so it was only right we stay there 😉

It was definitely the best experience yet…from start to finish.

We were greeted at the airport by the resort’s appointed chaffeur and taken to the resort which was only about 15 minutes away. Once we got there, it was clear that Grace Bay Resorts was worth every penny (nickle, quarter and dollar too because it was not cheap!). We were given keys to our golf cart, introduced to our butler and escorted to our villa. They paid attention to every detail. Bottles of champagne were waiting on ice and the fridge was stocked with fresh fruits and some of our favorite snacks.


Although we went there for what we thought would be four days of relaxation, we didn’t spend much time relaxing! We spent most of our time in our private pool but we did  jet-ski (while jet-skiing, I got to see Lisa Raye’s old house when she was married to the prime minister but I wasn’t getting my camera wet so sorry no pics) chill at the resort’s famous infinity bar and frequent the nearby casino (Speedy’s the gambler though, not me).

 Being a Belizean-American, conch is one of my favorite shellfish. So I wasn’t leaving Turks without trying everybody’s conch. I was everywhere tasting conch! The conch shack (the best!), five star restaurants and even a conch excursion. The excursion turned out to be one of my favorite things that we did.  We got to dive for conch in the ocean and set up on a deserted island for lunch. Real sexy too if there weren’t 20 other people with us.
I had a great time in Turks! Can’t wait to go back!

The Claxtons Win Celebrity Pool Tournament!

It was a star-studded night on Thursday as athletes and celebrities came together to show their support for two-time Super Bowl champion Justin Tuck.


Tuck, who plays defensive end for the New York Giants, took a step away from the football field and on to the charity scene at his celebrity billiards tournament in New York City.

But it wasn’t all just fun and games.

The cause drew attention to Tuck’s R.U.S.H. for Literacy charity, which raises funds to donate books and reading materials to support underserved children in New York, New Jersey and Alabama communities.

Now in its fourth year, Tuck’s R.U.S.H. for Literacy has raised over $1.5 million and donated over 45,000 new books.

Team Strong Island (my hubby Speedy Claxton and friend & businessman, James McKenna impressed onlookers and beat celebrities such as Boxing Champ & Philly native, Bernard Hopkins, NBA’s Jamario Moon, Superbowl Champ Terrell Thomas and HOT 97 Host Angie Martinez for the crown.


That ramped up support last night as people from all over the sports realm stopped by to help out their friend Tuck.

Teammates Osi Umenyiora, Prince Amukamara, Jason Pierre Paul, Michael Boley and Kevin Boothe were on hand, and joined by Portland Trail Blazers guard Wesley Matthews, retired Mets pitcher John Franco, ESPN’s Michael Smith and Hannah Storm, as well as celebrities Vivica Fox and Anthony Anderson, who also emceed the event.


Oh and if you guys are curious about what Speedy aka WE won along with a trip to Costa Rica, check it out…

Ask Meeka & Speedy

This week I decided to answer one of the questions that I received on twitter:

Q: I ‘ve been with my boyfriend for 2 years and he keeps asking me for a threesome.  I love him and don’t want him to think I’m boring & leave me! What should I do?

Meeka: First of all…did you say boyfriend? That’s not even something you consider for a boyfriend.  So, my answer is “NO!! Don’t even play yourself.”  And honestly, you don’t do something like that because you are scared to lose somebody.  If you are “scared” to lose someone just because you don’t feel comfortable doing something, then you’ve probably already lost them.

Speedy: Listen, do what that man says!! But do it if you only want to put a smile on his face for the night because he’s not going to stay with you just because you did it.  If he already wants to bring someone else in the bed, his eye is already roaming and he’ll be on to the next one real soon.  Sorry, but you doing this will not keep him.