Memorial Day With The Claxtons

I hope everybody enjoyed their Memorial Day Weekend. There’s no question about it…our schedules are ridiculously crazy here in the Claxton house but if you know us, you know ONE thing and that is we always make time for is our little family. So while most of our friends were frolicking on the beaches in Cancun, Puerto Rico or some other beautiful place, Speedy and I were jealous as hell! Lol…no seriously though, we make it a point to spend the holidays together enjoying our babies. And Memorial Day 2012 was no different!

So with my babies helping me in the kitchen (wink wink) and Speedy on the grill, we pulled it together in time to enjoy our friends and our pool 🙂


You can’t help but become a big kid at our house!



Behind The Bench…

Last week I introduced you to the official circle…Behind The Bench. The only organization for wives, fiancees and moms of current and retired NBA players. So, it’s only right that I showcase some of the beautiful wives that I call friends.

Meet Mrs. Stephen Jackson

Stephen Jackson is a good friend. He and Speedy won an NBA Championship Title together with the San Antonio Spurs back in 2003. I met Renata in 2009 and  once you spend time with her, you know exactly why Stevie fell in love. She is confident and God-fearing…but most of all, she is head over heels in love with her man.

I sat down with Renata and talked to her about everything from their foundation to her feelings about seeing Stephen’s ex on television. She was open & honest. Here’s what she had to say:

Me: How have you been?

Renata: I’m doing great!

Me: How long have you and Stephen been married?

Renata: It’ll be 3 years in July. July  11 to be exact.

Me:  How did you guys meet?

Renata: We met in Atlanta in 2004 at a cookout. It’s a funny story because Stephen was actually being shy! Sending everyone over to me and I said why can’t he come up to me himself but by the time he got up the courage, I was over it (laughing). But two years later, I ran into my business partner’s salon on my way home. I was all sweaty and dusty and I had no clue he was in there. I spoke to my partner and on my way out, she called me back because Stephen wanted to talk to me and we’ve basically been together ever since. Stephen tells the story much better though!!

Me: Speedy and I know Stephen for years. They played together in San Antonio. Recently he got traded back there. How did you guys get the news?

Renata: It’s a funny story! We were on a layover and got wind of the possibility of a San Antonio trade in the airport and sat on pins and needles for about an hour until we got the news confirmed.

Me: I know Stevie must be excited! San Antonio is one of our favorite organizations. It is a family feel all the way around. The private movie screenings, the family bowling nights and the BBQs make us, the wives, feel comfortable too. And that’s important for us as the family of the players because we are all we have when we are moving from city to city.

Renata: He is ecstatic! Playing back in Texas is his dream. He wanted to stay but it didn’t work out at the time and now he is so happy to be back.

Me: That’s great…I am very happy for you guys. Speaking of teams, Stephen has played with Charlotte, Milwaukee, Atlanta, Indiana and Golden State, who are some of the wives that you call friends?

Renata: Shana Daniels (Marquis Daniels’ wife), Vanity Perkins (Kendrick Perkins’ wife), Juanika Ellis (Monta Ellis’ wife) and Michelle Harrington (Al Harrington’s wife).

Me: So if you were going on a double date, which NBA couple would you call?

Renata: Well Stephen and Al Harrington are best friends and we spend most of the summer with Michelle and Al Harrington at their Vegas home, so I’d say them.

Me: What do you all do for fun?

Renata: We have bowl-a-thons and we watch movies but Stephen is a homebody so we usually just chill at home.

Me: Ok cool, what about charities. What are some of your favorite causes?

Renata: Stephen’s foundation, The Jack1Foundation, is very dear to my heart. We are both from the Gulf and the Jack1Foundation helps to rebuild all of the cities (not just New Orleans) that were affected by Hurricane Katrina.

Me: That’s a beautiful thing. I didn’t know Stephen had a foundation. Where can we get more information?

Renata: and click on Jack1Foundation

Me: I got a chance to see you guys at your birthday weekend in Miami and all it took was 2 minutes to see that Stephen is very much into you. How does he spoil you?

Renata: Yes, he is very loving. He had a day off and flew out to surprise me. I wasn’t expecting it because it was a girls trip. I couldn’t believe it! That’s how he spoils me, he is always doing cute things like that to surprise me.

Me: What’s an extravagant gift he has surprised you with?

Renata: Extravagant would be my Bentley GT but most special would be my engagement ring.

Me: Awwwww

Renata: laughing

Me: Well, I want to ask you about Basketball Wives the tv show. Imani, Stephen’s ex,  was on BBW LA.  I know Imani from back in 2002 and she is cool as hell. One thing that I think is great is that she has never talked negatively about you to me and you have done the same. I have never felt caught in the middle. But what were your thoughts when you 1st heard your husband’s ex would be on a show called Basketball Wives and you are his actual wife?

Renata: Well you know, honestly, I wasn’t surprised. Everyone has a past and it didn’t surprise me. I am all for women making moves, so I can’t knock her hustle.

Me: That’s cool. You know, one thing I noticed and I was surprised about is that you and Stephen didn’t put a gag order on her like a lot of other players have been doing.

Renata: Well her life is her life. We don’t want t control what people do. The kids are the most important thing so as long as it’s not affecting them in a negative way, then we don’t say anything. We live our lives.

Me: That’s good.

Renata: It’s the truth.

Me: Well thanks for taking the time to let everyone know more about you and Stephen. I just have one more question. How do you show Stephen your love?

Renata: I hold him down. I don’t just love him…I love on him.


Am I Less Of A Human Being???

“Meeka the violence on reality television has to stop!”  “Meeka, I’m so glad you left that show!” “Meeka, I hate how reality TV is portraying black women!” “Meeka, can you believe the way grown women are acting?” “Meeka, those girls are bullies with serious issues” “Meeka, I stopped watching that show because the violence is disgusting!!”…

……These are some of my actual twitter mentions. For the last 3 months, my twitter has been flooded with these comments and hundreds more exactly like them. I said it on the reunion and I will say it again, I’m 32, a CEO, a wife and a mommy, I did not sign up for Bad Girls Club. As a mom, I am my daughters’ FIRST role model and as a black woman who has been given a platform, I have a responsibility to show young girls “better”.

Am I mad? No, more like I’m disappointed. When I was attacked everyone thought it was funny.  No one thought her actions were disgraceful. As a matter of fact the very same ladies (for lack of a better word) that are “hurt” by the backlash,  joked about me being attacked. They laughed and even called me names for taking a stand against her.

I thought pressing charges was wack?  Oooooh, I get it…it’s wack when it’s not you!

They all (except Royce) stood behind her, co-signing her actions.  But now you want everyone to believe you want balance?  As much as their hypocrisy bothers me, I expect it because now their actions threaten their money.  So, I knew the crocodile tears weren’t far behind.

What really hurts me are all of the talk show hosts and journalists that are suddenly disturbed by what they are seeing.  Taking stands, boycotting, signing petitions etc…Isn’t this what I contacted all of you about last year? I asked for your support, none of which I received. But now it’s a problem? So, it was ok for me to be physically assaulted?  Where was all of this “Call To Action” last year? Am I less of a human being?

…“Silence is the real crime against humanity.”– Nadezhda Mandelstam

Ask Meeka & Speedy…

I can’t tell you how many people tweet me asking me for love advice. Yes, I have a great relationship and great relationships take a whollllllllllllleeeeeeeeee lot of work! So, I decided  why not team up with my best friend and answer some of the questions I get from both his AND her perspectives.

Dear Meeka and Speedy,

I’ve been dating “Shawn” for almost 5 months and I’ve never met anybody in his family.  He lives with his mom and sister but we only go to his house when no one is home.  I know all of his friends and they all say that his family is very overprotective of him and they don’t like any girl.  I don’t want to be a nag but I think his mom and sister would love me.  Am I being paranoid?

Meeka: It’s still early in your relationship.  Guys care a lot about how the women in their lives perceive them and he may just be taking time to make sure that what you two have is serious before introducing you.  If he introduced his family to a different girl every 2 months, they’d probably stop wanting to meet his latest conquest. So, give him a little more time before you start flipping out. If at six months, you still haven’t met them then it’s time to have a talk or just see other people because he’s not taking you seriously.

Speedy: I disagree. The truth of the matter is that you aren’t his main girl.  Plain & simple.  Every girl gets to meet the friends.  No offense, but there’s nothing special in that.  If at 5 months, he’s still sneaking you in and out of the house, it’s because he has a main girl and you aren’t her.

There you have it, advice Claxton style Xoxo

If you have a relationship question that you want Meeka & Speedy’s help with, email them at

Saturday Sun & Fun

There’s only so many times I can take my kids to the movies and with Summer rapidly approaching, finding things that we can do together as a family that’s  fun for the kids and doesn’t bore us is a must.

This past Saturday was the perfect day to try out one of my latest ideas….a picnic. Don’t laugh lol. Truthfully, I wasn’t too sure how Speedy was going to respond to going on a picnic. I mean, he’s not really into the cutesy stuff (which is cool) but honestly in the back of my head I knew once we gave him the triple pout, he couldn’t refuse 😉

Here are some pictures from our day out East (Eastern Long Island). It was actually a lot of fun! We packed blankets, balls, water guns, food, wine and Uncle Mikey.

Growing Up In The NBA

It’s #ThrowbackThursday and if you’re a twitter addict like me, then you know exactly what #TBT is! So, here’s a few #TBT pics. It’s life growing up in the league…Claxton Kids Edition 🙂

Let me introduce you to my sweetiepies, Aniya Simone (8 years old…I mean 8 and 3 quarters according to her) and London Renee (3).









Aniya & Daddy after a home game







Aniya & her boo Chris Paul






Aniya, Daddy & Adonal Foyle







Aniya playing before a home game in the Golden State Warriors Family Room







London’s 1st birthday with Stephen & Renata Jackson







Aniya & London party with more NBA kids







Aniya and Daddy after practice